1997 BMW 1.9 Z3

Z3 Upgrades

  • Cell Phone + Power Tap Adapter
    • Actually, I already had a Cell Phone. Really though, everyone should have one in their vehicle for emergencies.
    • Remeber when it was a cigarette lighter, not a "power tap"?
  • Digital Camera - Kodak DC25
    • OK, it was an impulse buy. For about $325 with tax, I got an all digital camera with "OK" quality resolution (all pictures here were taken with it). The excuse is that I'll go to all sorts of interesting places with my roadster, so I need to keep a visual log of that... <smile>
  • Mag Light
    • Little red one. Only $10. I bought a bigger flashlight, one of those that you get in a grocery store just becuase all cars should have a flashlight. It burnt out after 3 days. Should've gotten a Mag-Light to begin with.
  • Single to Dual Power Tap Adapter
    • One of those Radio Shack dual cigarette lighter adapters. It doesn't come out too far, then has two flexable wires with sockets on the ends. I hang them to the left, into the driver's space.
    • Why don't they make cars with dual adapters built it?
    • One socket I leave empty for temporary devices (read: cell phone), the other I velcro to the inside of the driver's side for
  • Whistler 1490 Radar Detector
    • I only use it for highway driving. Too many false signals in the city, it detracts from the "roadster experience".
    • If I had it to do all over again, I'd pay the $400 for a Valentine One radar detector. The whistler is nice, but I'd prefer to use the V-1 based on what I've read recently.
    • All things being said, if a radar detector saves you from a single ticket, it's more than paid for itself.
  • Chrome Read License Plate
    • It reads "BMW" in cursive (in black). Looks REALLY nice on a black car...
  • BMW 6-disc CD Changer
    • Well worth the $500 or so I paid. I've never had a single skip, and it handles even tough CDs (like the CD recordable ones I make) without a hiccup.
    • Just wish it was bigger, like 12 CDs.
    • The install I did myself. Not too bad, but the directions could be clearer. DO NOT remove the rear tail light like the instructions say. You don't need to. The connector cables are beneath the floor right under the trunk hinge. Don't be shy, the cardboard-like substance the floor is made of can take quite a bit of bending.
  • Keyless entry/Alarn
    • The standard BMW keyless entry and alarm system. Actually, pretty nice. I like keyless entry. Of course, it took major pain to get it all installed. Take note Z3ers, have your dealer do it!
  • Laptop computer
    • Gotta stay on the net while on the road!!! This little guy offers a 150 mhz pentium (with MMX), 14x CDROM, 56.6 modem, 1.6 GB disk, floppy, two-hour battery, etc...
  • Trunk storage system
    • This is a really neat set of pouches that sticks to the INSIDE of the trunk lid. It's a great place to stick CDs and the manuals for the car (thus freeing up my glove compartment)
  • Trunk handle
    • Can you believe the Z3 comes without a trunk handle... stange, but true. Anyway, it is a simple chrome L-shaped piece that adds itself to the trunk.

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